WayAround is Committed to Giving Back for the Holidays

WayAround was founded with the goal of improving the lives of individuals with blindness around the world. Today, we’re on the path to achieving that goal.

WayAround is on a mission to make the world totally natural and welcoming for people with blindness and vision loss. It’s not all about the bottom line, however. We believe that combining smart business with charitable giving creates a better world for everyone.

Giving Back

We donate at least 10% of our profits to organizations focused on blindness, including multiple American foundations, charities, and non-profit organizations dedicated to helping individuals with blindness or vision loss.  Our partners include foundations with over a century of experience helping individuals with blindness and vision loss.


63% of working-age adults who are blind are unemployed. We believe that’s a huge problem: individuals with vision loss have an enormous amount of energy, talent, and skill to add to the workforce.

At WayAround, we’re committed to employing people with vision loss. We seek out employees and contractors who are blind or vision-impaired. We also partner with organizations that employ those with low vision. Individuals with vision loss can be found at multiple stages of our organization, from communications to customer service.

Building Bridges and Raising Awareness

The WayAround system makes the world easier to navigate for individuals with vision loss. We aim to build bridges between communities.

Thanks to WayAround and other assistive technologies and devices, individuals with blindness can more safely and easily navigate their communities. This, in turn, allows people in the community to see individuals with blindness living happy and successful lives. It builds bridges between the two groups. It shows the world that individuals with blindness and vision loss are capable and productive. It also emphasizes the similarities between sighted people and those with vision loss rather than the differences.

The Next Step

The same great WayAround technology we use in our home and office product is coming soon to other locations via WayAround for Public Spaces. Our technology works hand-in-glove with existing wayfinding solutions to provide information about what’s immediately around you. Using smart tags placed at key locations in the built environment, WayAround for Public Spaces delivers crucial information about your immediate surroundings.

We just completed a successful debut at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Alexandria, Virginia, and we can’t wait to share it with the world. Our Public Spaces technology ties in with our mission of building bridges and raising awareness. At the same time, we’re continuing to make the world easier to navigate for individuals with blindness.

We launched WayAround with a can-do practicality and a lofty purpose: to provide limitless opportunities for people with vision loss. Today, we’re on our way to achieving that goal – and we’re grateful for all who help and serve along-side us and we look forward to helping others along the way.

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