Office items organized into a grid pattern on a marbled, gray table. The items include two yellow business sized envelopes, a yellow paper, 4 binder clips, 2 pens, a tablet, eye glasses, a yellow mug with coffee, two yellow sticky notes, and a smartphone. The tablet and smartphone both show the WayAround app.

A WayAround Power User’s Advice for Creating Templates

Sometimes our users come up with ways to use WayAround that we never would have thought of. John Fritz is a blind entrepreneur and father of seven who lives in rural Wisconsin. He has been blind since birth and lost his remaining eyesight by age three. John believes that “sight is not a requirement to be successful.”  From his youth, John has worked to become self-sufficient. He has managed a dairy farm, taught himself computer science, and built a vending business in rural Wisconsin. John uses WayAround to increase his independence in both his professional and personal life. Read our blogo to learn some of the creative ways John uses WayAround in three key areas of his life.

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