Inventive WayTag Uses for Blind and Sighted People

Many people start using WayAround to help keep daily living items like food, clothes, and medicines organized and efficient. However, WayTags can be used in many other ways by people with low vision, no vision, and people who are fully sighted. 


Some of our customers have shown us a variety of inventive and unique ways that they’ve used WayTags in their own lives. Whether for organization, labeling, or simply preserving a memory, these tags have helped them keep track of the important details that help them live a full and productive life.


Maintenance of Home Appliances

When your refrigerator, washing machine, or other home appliance stops working correctly, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Placing a WayTag on all your major appliances with vital information such as model, warranty, and maintenance number to call means when something goes wrong, you know exactly who to call to fix it.


Similarly, placing a WayTag on your home’s breaker box will let any homeowner know exactly what switches should be flipped and in what direction. Since there’s no limit to how much information you can put on a WayTag, you just need one tag for the entire breaker box. Use the Custom Detail Template to add information about every switch and what all they control. Pro Tip: if you have a generator, you can use a WayTag to document instructions for turning on the generator and powering up the house.


Another way that WayTags can be useful is by labeling the cords on your TV, computer, and other small electronics.


Cataloguing Collections

Recently, one of our customers let us know that they don’t have vision loss but that they found WayAround helpful for keeping track of an item they collect.


The customer stated, “I have a bunch of things made of various kinds of leather, and I can’t always remember which is made of which leather. So, I was going to put a tag on each one and basically use WayAround as an inventory app so when I scan the item; it’ll tell me what kind of leather it is, when I bought it, and other details.”


You may not collect leather goods, but you can use a similar concept to keep track of important information about any type of collection so that you don’t have to rely on your memory!


Making a Farm or Ranch More Accessible

Jason Barber, a blind rancher, has found WayAround to be extremely helpful in allowing him to keep his family’s ranch running. Using WayTags to help him inventory his cattle, Barber can now continue running the family farm and keep track of detailed information specific to each animal.


“Inventorying cattle has definitely been the biggest struggle for me. For the longest time, my dad was my ‘eyes,’ but now that he’s gone, I’ve had to find new ways of keeping track of my cattle’s productivity levels and whether they are up-to-date on their vaccinations.”


Read our blog for more information on how Mr. Barber has used WayTags to manage his ranch activities.


Keeping Plants In Order

Many of our customers have also told us they use WayAround to keep track of requirements so their plants thrive. All plants come with specific instructions for sunlight, watering, fertilizing, and more. These can be hard to keep straight. For collectors of rare and exotic plants, it’s especially important to keep track of the requirements for a specific breed. 


Attaching WayTags to each plant allows both sighted and blind people to know what instructions apply to which of their plants. WayTags have the capacity to hold information about watering needs, sunlight needs, and any other maintenance instructions. You can even use the tags like an electronic journal, making a note on your tag every time you water or feed a plant.


Instructions for Seasonal Items

One of the biggest hassles about seasonal items such as Christmas trees, various holiday decorations, or even portable greenhouses for plants is storing and organizing them once the season ends.


This is where WayTags can come in handy. Place instructions on the storage bin for any of these seasonal items to help save time and headache when you bring them back out, year after year. 


Adding Notes to Sentimental Items

Finally, a neat way to use WayTags is to add notes about memorabilia or sentimental items in your home. Say you have an art piece hanging up that you always want to remember the artist, title of the piece, and any other meaningful information. Or perhaps you have a family heirloom that comes with a story from a distant relative.


Attaching a WayTag to these items of personal value lets you easily find that information anytime someone asks or if you need to be reminded about a specific object. It saves you from having to keep track of little fact sheets or digital documents.


These are just a few of the ways that we and our customers utilize the WayAround technology. Are there any unique ways that you’ve found to help you get the most out of your WayTags?

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