Unlock Inclusivity. Meet WayAround for Public Spaces

Transform your public spaces into inclusive environments that cater to diverse needs, including those of the visually impaired, with our innovative WayTags®.

With the tap of a smartphone, individuals get instant access to detailed, contextual information about specific items or locations. Take your business to the next level with our help to standardize and optimize that information for different language or accessibility needs. That way, you share the right information at the right time in the way that works best for your customers and employees.

“I have been using these tags for years and immediately thought of WayAround when thinking about improved ways to make our campus more accessible.”

– Danielle Cuenoud, Guiding Eyes for the Blind

An Inspiring Innovator, Co-Founder Armand Fisher

A registered architect for 32 years, Armand lost nearly all of his eyesight due to inflammation that compromised and eventually killed his optic nerve. Rather than allow it to limit him, Armand leveraged his experience with vision loss to help people, which inspired the creation of WayAround.

“My goal has always been to help people with loss of vision. I want WayAround to be a reminder that when people lose their vision, there is a resource or place for them to go. Our product will give people who are blind immediate help, hope, and assurance.”

–Armand Fisher, WayAround Co-Founder

WayAround for All Kinds of Public Spaces

While it’s one thing to care about and commit to accessibility, it’s another to invest in those tools. Why not get a solution that delivers benefits for everyone? Of course, as a business, your budget is never far from your mind. With WayAround for Public Spaces, you can empower your facility with cutting-edge yet cost-effective accessibility technology for all!

A walking path leading to an  educational building or library. The surrounding trees are all green and blossoming.

Educational Campuses

WayAround has worked with various Schools for the Blind to bring further accessibility to their campuses. Whether your school specializes in students with sight loss or you want to provide helpful wayfinding and historic information, WayAround can enhance your campus experience for all visitors.


WayAround can help make trails, monuments, and historic places more accessible by helping visitors know where they are located and important information about the surrounding environment. Our WayTags have expanded parkgoers’ knowledge and understanding of nature and local history.

A park sign with a relief of people at the top, text on the right and brail on the left.


Travelers with vision loss attend conferences or vacation with family and friends. Adding WayAround makes your venue permanently accessible and more welcoming to everyone.

Other – Pilot Program

Every environment has its unique accessibility challenges. As part of our pilot program, we work with you to create a custom, accessible solution that fits your needs and budget so you can ensure customers with vision loss feel welcome and engaged. Our accessibility-first platform also makes signage and information available in any language or for neurodiverse individuals.

An art museum gallery with a patron looking at the paintings.

“The WayAround app, devices, and personnel made our convention much easier to navigate, know the schedule of events, and provided a great deal of orientation.”

– Tracy Farro, Blinded Veterans Association

An Easy and Cost-Effective Decision for Your Business

Rather than making people ask for information that you already have, you can provide location-specific details easily through any sign in your building.

A store showcasing various amounts of products in jars and packages.
  • Simple to get started. Our patented methodology makes it straightforward to present information about everyday things you’d find in physical spaces: offices, meeting rooms, elevators, restrooms, vending machines, and more. We create custom descriptions about your space using photos and videos of your facility.
  • Optimized for accessibility. We’ve exceeded common accessibility standards (W3 and A.D.A.) and crafted the user experience for people who use screen readers, low-vision resources, refreshable braille displays, and more. This level of optimization would cost tens of thousands of dollars for a stand-alone app or website. 
  • New features delivered seamlessly. When we add new features, you can automatically access them through the WayAround mobile app or the online admin portal.

“What I have found really useful is how much info we included in the WayAround app. We also made braille labels of the artist statements, but there is so much more info available through the app. People seem delighted with the fact that they can scroll through to only listen to the parts they are interested in.”

– Sarah McCann, Curator

A Better Customer Experience for Everyone

It’s not just people with vision loss who can feel overwhelmed when entering a new or unfamiliar space. WayAround’s free mobile app allows your customers to learn important details and features about a space or item, empowering your customers to know more and make decisions with ease and confidence.

WayAround makes your business more accessible with just the tap of a smartphone. Our patented solution is easy to implement and improves the customer experience for everyone, including those with disabilities.

A black man in a blue suit stands in a naturally lit lobby with an older blind woman.

Useful to everyone. Essential to those with disabilities

A blind man sits as he speaks into his phone.

By using WayAround, you’re providing the following benefits to your customers:

  • No more searching for an employee or someone in the know.
  • Get info discreetly so you don’t have that “I’m new here” look.
  • Locate the nearest restroom or emergency exit from any sign.
  • Confirm that you are where you think you are and what’s happening in that space.

With today’s fast-paced world and its multitude of choices, we believe that great spaces should serve the widest group of people.

Three Key Features to Benefit Your Business

  1. WayAround mobile app – Your visitors and customers download the free mobile app for iOS and Android. When they open the app and access your location, the app automatically displays information about your site according to the user’s preferred accessibility settings. The result? They feel confident that they have relevant and up-to-date information.
  2. WayCloud – Our online web portal lets you edit the information on your WaySigns from anywhere in the world. All your content is stored securely in the cloud. WayCloud is flexible, scalable and can integrate data from the platforms you already use.
  3. WaySigns® – Most information is accessed when someone approaches your location or when you send them a link prior to their arrival. They can confirm their precise location in your facility via smart signs that you place below any A.D.A. sign and at other key locations in your facility. We can work with you to match the look and feel of your current signage.
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