Smart Tags to Categorize Everyday Life

WayAround is a flexible solution for gaining confidence and independence in a visual world. Our WayTags® allow blind and low-vision individuals to know what everything is by using details important for an item’s identification and use. It’s also for people who love details, struggle with reading, and can’t consistently rely on memory. You no longer have to see or read well to fully engage with your environment.

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Sam Seavey of The Blind Life shows WayAround and creative ways to tag your things.

Quotation from Sam Seavy of The Blind Life, "Probably the best way to label and identify your items if you're blind or visually impaired"

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A Company of Visionaries

Born from the minds of two architects with vision loss, WayAround is more than just a revolutionary product. It’s a movement led and fueled by people who may not have great eyesight but who definitely have a vision. As a company, we are committed to employing and partnering with people who are blind.

Darwin Belt and Armand Fisher, co-founders of Way Around, working together at a table with an early prototype of the product.

Tag Your Everything

With Information-Rich WayTags

Our customers have utilized WayTags for a variety of purposes. WayAround can be used for daily living items like clothes – labeling the fabric, color, style, and name of each item – or foods – labeling the name, expiration date, and cooking instructions of each. Some users have also found the tags to be useful in labeling their hobby and crafting tools or their plants. Our WaySigns® can also be for businesses that wish to help the general public orient themselves within their company space. Big or small, our tags can accomplish it all. To put it simply, our tags make life easier.

Perfect for tagging EVERYTHING:

A person reaches up to pull a large mason jar of dry pasta from a shelf also containing other dry goods.


Tag your foods – including frozen – for identification, cooking confidence, and food safety.

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A series of hangers hanging from a metal bar. On each of the hangers are a series of shirts and jackets in a variety of brown shades.


Use machine-washable buttons to label all your clothes thoroughly.

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A wooden surface holds various hobby implements, tan yarn with clothespins and various wooden knitting tools. At the forefront is a knocked over mason jar of paint brushes with wooden handles.


Crafting and other hobbies come with lots of tools that can be labeled with our WayTags to keep your creativity flowing.

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On a wooden end table sits a variety of potted plants. All of the plants are green and healthy.


Have a green thumb? Use our removable tags to label indoor or outdoor plants with the proper care instructions.

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You Can Tag Public Spaces Too!

Shelves of creams and medicines at a pharmacy.


Provide accessible labels for prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements.

A park sign with a relief of people at the top, text on the right and brail on the left. There is a wayaround tag on the bottom right corner of a sign.


Make nature interactive with WayTags offering location orientation, history, or even fun facts about the park.

A classroom with a chalkboard and multiple desks with a teaching podium at the front of the room.


Education is important, and our tags make it easier to confidently get around even the biggest of campuses.

An art museum gallery with a patron looking around.


Museums are the perfect place to introduce interactive WayTags to help identify locations, displays, and historical facts.

Still Not Quite Sure How WayAround Can Help You?

Our blog explores many ideas on how technology can help individuals with visual impairment.

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