How to Make the Holidays Easier with WayAround

WayAround has made life easier for thousands of individuals with vision loss. As Christmas approaches, we want to embrace the spirit of giving by sharing the many ways WayAround can make life easier around the holidays.

Keep reading to discover how the WayAround smart assistant can make your life more accessible around the holidays.

Tag Gifts with WayTags, Then Scan Them with WayAround

Conventional gift tags can be a challenge for individuals with blindness or vision loss. You might pick up a present from underneath the tree but have no way of determining who that present belongs to. It’s true: some people use braille labels, although fitting braille onto a tiny label can be difficult.

Photo of a gift with a WayTag on the gift tagThat’s where WayAround can help. Attach a WayTag sticker to a gift tag or tie a WayTag button into the bow. Then, open the WayAround app and add information to the tag. You can add the recipient’s name or a customized festive message, for example. Once you’ve written your message, tap the WayTag with your smartphone to add the information.

When you’re sorting presents or picking up presents from underneath the tree, you can easily see which present belongs to which recipient. Simply pick up the gift, tap the WayTag with your smart device, and listen as the name and festive message are read out loud using VoiceOver or TalkBack. It’s that simple!

Our own co-founder uses this strategy to play Santa Claus around his family. On Christmas morning, Armand Fisher sits by the tree and hands out gifts to his family. Although Armand has vision loss, he’s able to quickly and easily read the name of the recipient from each WayTag before passing the presents around. After more than a decade of vision loss preventing him from participating in this family tradition, Armand can easily pass out gifts using WayAround.

Don’t let vision loss get in the way of a Christmas tradition!

Make Christmas Cooking Easy with WayAround WayTags

Individuals with blindness and vision loss use a number of strategies to safely navigate the kitchen. Our WayAround system is one of the best ways to boost accessibility in your kitchen.

Some customers will add WayTags to different perishable food items. Simply add expiration date information to food items in your fridge. Then, tap the item with your phone to get the relevant information. You don’t want to add spoiled milk to someone’s Christmas morning coffee!

WayTags can also be used for baking. Keep track of which ingredients are which when preparing Christmas cookies and other baked goods. Use  a WayTag clip to close your bag of chocolate chips and add instant recipe information.

Make Your House More Accessible for a Family Member with Blindness

During the holidays, you might have different family visiting your home. If you have a family member who has blindness or vision loss, then consider using WayAround to make your home more accessible.

If your blind family member isn’t already familiar with the WayAround system, then show them how to use it. Consider adding WayTags to a TV remote, for example, and provide instructions on how to use the TV.

Or, add WayTags to doors and cupboards to indicate where things are in your home.

By making your house more accessible, you can make sure all family members feel included this holiday season.

Sort Holiday Decorations with WayTags

If you’re like most families, then you have multiple boxes of holiday decorations stored somewhere in your house. From Christmas lights to ornaments, your decorations are an essential part of getting your home ready for the holidays.

Sorting through your boxes of Christmas decorations can be a challenge. Thanks to WayAround, however, it doesn’t have to be.

Add WayTags to your boxes of Christmas decorations. Using the WayAround app, add a description explaining what’s in the box – like tinsel, Christmas tree ornaments, or a wreath. Then, tap the tags with the WayAround app to add information. This is a great time to use our new custom detail type feature!  Once you’ve added your information, tap the WayTag with your smartphone to save it.

Next year, when you’re rummaging around trying to find which box has which decorations inside, you can simply tap the WayTag with your smartphone. It’s a quick, hassle-free way to keep track of your holiday decorations!

Remember: WayTags can only be read by one account, which means you’ll need to use the same account to create and read the WayTags.

WayTags Make Great Stocking Stuffers

The best presents are the ones someone will use every day.

Photo of red and white Christmas stockings hanging on a mantle.Regardless of the recipient’s vision level, our WayTags are suited for a number of creative uses. WayAround displays information using the preferred accessibility settings on the smart device, including VoiceOver and TalkBack, inverted colors, large font, and more. WayTags are  small, affordable, and can easily be added to any stocking. Plus, you get a fun and interactive Christmas morning activity. Help a friend or relative install the free app. Then, show them all of the creative ways to use WayAround.

Merry Christmas!

WayAround is a first-of-its-kind smart assistant for individuals with blindness and vision loss. As the holidays approach, there’s never been a better time to make your world more accessible. Download our WayAround app for iOS or Android.

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