Use WayAround to Organize Your Personal Care Items

When you’re groggy in the morning or before bedtime, it’s easy to accidentally grab the wrong product from your medicine cabinet. We’ve probably all done it from time to time. That moment when you realize you’ve mistaken hair product for toothpaste is, shall we say, unforgettable.

If you have vision loss, the odd color names and tiny print of beauty products can be almost impossible to pick out. Mistaking one product for another can happen easily. WayTags can help you organize your makeup and other beauty products without needing that magnifying glass.

Check out this video from our interns, Victoria and Olivia, about how they use WayAround to keep their facial care and personal products organized and well-labeled.

When dealing with print that’s too small to read on products, use the WayAround app and smart WayTags to add instructions to the bottle. Then, just swipe with your WayLink scanner or smart phone to hear the instructions read aloud. For facial products like moisturizer, aftershave, or cleanser, you can identify the order in which you use each product on the WayTag. Since a single WayTag can hold up to 2,000 characters, you’ll have plenty of room to write out the instructions and details that you need.

(One tip: Make sure to put the WayTag on the bottle instead of the lid, so you don’t risk mixing up lids.)

WayTags can also be used to organize your makeup. For items that are purchased more frequently, you may not want to put a WayTag sticker directly on the bottle. Instead, use a WayClip or an oval hole button and attach it with an elastic band. Similarly, if you have a tube or bottle of makeup that’s too small for a WayTag sticker on, just tie a WayTag oval hole button to it using an elastic band.

Examples of information that you could write on a WayTag:

  • Brand name
  • Color or color palate
  • Goes with
  • Type of product
  • Scent of perfume or cologne
  • Whether something is lotion, body wash, medicine, or toothpaste etc.

WayTag stickers work for larger items, especially products you purchase only occasionally. Remember, you can edit WayTags and re-use them, so if you are re-labeling or need a change, you can just switch the WayTag to another item.

These are just some of our ideas on how WayAround can help you organize your everyday beauty and self-care rituals. Tell us how you use WayAround for personal care items in the comments below.

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