How Can WayAround Make My Life Easier and More Efficient?

While WayAround isn’t the first company to create an audible label option for people with vision or reading limitations, our way of doing it simplifies the whole process. Instead of relying upon others to explain what something is beyond a basic naming label, our system allows all of the pertinent information needed to fully identify and use an item to be added to each tag.

This allows for independence on a larger scale because users of this technology will only need to call upon someone else to assist when there are new things to label or the labels need to be updated with new information.

When you tag something with WayAround, it becomes permanently accessible. That means you’ll never again have to find a sighted person and ask them, “What’s this?” With easy-to-scan WayTags, users can move about their world and easily find and understand the items around them.

Labels Increase Independence for All

Living a life that is as independent as possible is the goal for everyone, especially those who are blind or have some level of vision loss. Independence may be challenging when you can’t see the things around you clearly – especially in a world filled with visual information and complicated instructions.

Whether you have low vision or no vision, you should be able to get all the info you need without having to ask someone else.

There are lots of different assistive technologies available, but it can get confusing trying to determine which will work best for your particular situation. Plus, you shouldn’t have to buy an expensive, bulky device that may become outdated.

With WayAround, the possibilities are endless. Our WayTags can be placed anywhere and on anything. What’s more, they can store as much information as you need, so you don’t have to settle for limited information. Adding WayAround into your life is as easy as inputting the information, tagging, and scanning. If you can write a text message, you can use WayAround. These tiny tags hold the key to independence, efficiency, and confidence.

Having to ask for help matching an outfit will become a thing of the past. Knowing what foods are in your freezer just by grabbing something and scanning will make cooking and choosing ingredients or food a breeze. It’s as simple as selecting an item, scanning it, and listening to the information or viewing large text.

This efficient labeling system will bring about freedom that many blind folks don’t get to experience very often. Moving about your home or office space and easily identifying everything that surrounds you will make life easier.

The Sky is the Limit

Many other labeling options for blind people have limitations to what they can be used for. Some are good for identifying only one type of thing (like products with barcodes) or work for people with only a certain type of sight loss.

That is not the case for WayAround. Our technology has been specifically designed to ensure they can be applied to anything. Plus, it works for people with low vision, no vision, and deafblindness.

There are a variety of tags to choose from, which allows you to label everything from clothing to food to hobby and cleaning supplies. You’ll find that our labels can withstand washers and dryers and extreme freezing temperatures found within a freezer, making this technology the best choice for your life.

The types of WayTags we offer:

  • On-Metal WayClip Plastic Clip – Simply attach the tabs to paper, thin cardboard, or elastic or rubber bands. For metal items, the on-metal WayClip Plastic Clip is required. This tag can be used for non-metal items, as well.
  • WayClip Plastic Clip – Regular clips that can be used on non-metal items.
  • On-Metal WayTag Stickers – These square stickers can be directly applied to anything metal, glass, plastic, and more.
  • WayTag Stickers – These round stickers can be directly applied to an item or an index card attached to the object using paper clips or elastic bands.
  • WayTag Magnets – These labels have a magnetic backing to be applied directly to magnetic surfaces, like canned goods.
  • WayTag 2-Hole Buttons – Attach to clothing and accessories by sewing them on. These can go through the washer and dryer.
  • WayTag Oval Hole Buttons – Perfect for attaching to clothing with a safety pin. These labels can go through the washer and dryer. Use with a silicone band for frozen foods.

WayAround allows for unlimited scans and edits to the information stored on each tag.

These labels can also help you to organize the items around your home by making it easier to know what something is quickly. Categorizing things by item type, color, size, etc., is now easier than ever.

There is no stopping you when you add WayTags to your everyday life. The days of forgetting what items are and relying on sighted assistance will be long gone. Just tag, scan, and go toward an independent future.

No Extra Devices Necessary

Other labeling options for blind people require expensive, bulky devices. Users must carry a separate device to read their labels; updating labels and the technology itself is a chore.

WayAround is accessible from any Android or iOS device. You simply have to download the free app, input the information, and then you are free to go about your day. Most phones have a built-in NFC (Near Field Communications) reader – this is the technology that powers WayAround.

If you don’t have a phone with built-in NFC (Near Field Communications) capabilities, pair it with our WayLink Scanner. This accessory is light, small, and convenient to carry around. Simply scan your WayTags with the WayLink scanner to read or write information. The WayLink sends the information to your phone or tablet, so you don’t have to scan directly with your device.

The information stored within your WayAround account will always be easily accessible, and it’s automatically backed up to the cloud when you’re connected to wifi or cellular data. If you get a new phone or want to log in with more than one device, your information will be available and up-to-date.

Essentially, the labels you create are your ticket to experiencing the world around you fully and independently.

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