Best Uses for WayTag Buttons: Using Our Oval and Two-Hole Buttons to Boost Accessibility in Everyday Life

WayTag buttons are one of our most popular items.

Photo of several 2 hole WayTag buttonsThe buttons come with an embedded NFC chip, allowing them to communicate with the WayAround app on your smartphone. You can add information to each WayTag button – like washing instructions for clothing – and then attach the buttons anywhere. Access the information through the WayAround app anytime just by touching your smartphone to the button.

We offer two types of buttons, including oval hole buttons and two-hole buttons. Both buttons can be easily sewed or attached onto any item. Both buttons are also durable enough to withstand the elements:

  • Waterproof, heat-proof, and cold-proof
  • Can be fully submerged in water over and over again
  • Can be edited and rewritten an unlimited number of times

Photo of a WayTag Oval Hole ButtonFor all of these reasons, our buttons can easily handle a trip in the washer and dryer. They can be reused thousands of times. By investing in WayTag buttons today, you can make dozens of aspects of your life more accessible for years into the future.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best uses for our WayTag buttons.

Best Uses for Our Oval-Hole Buttons

Our oval-hole buttons come with a single oval-shaped hole in the middle of the button. You can sew them onto items, attach them to items with an elastic band, and use them to enhance many different aspects of your life.

  • Attach the oval-hole WayTag button to clothing with a safety pin. Don’t have sewing skills? Don’t want to take the time to attach a button with thread? Use a safety pin to attach our WayTag button to an article of clothing – or virtually anything. Be sure to use stainless steel pins to avoid damage to clothing in heat and water (remember – our buttons survive the washer and dryer with ease!)
  • Use an elastic band to attach the oval-hole WayTag button to frozen food items. Label frozen food items with descriptions of what they are or how to cook them.
  • Tie the button with twine to plants in the garden, adding information about when to fertilize, harvest, or prune the plants. Since our buttons are waterproof and durable, they can easily survive in the garden outside without damage all year long.
  • Use an elastic band to keep socks paired when washing and to distinguish colors. Keep socks together and make sure you’re washing everything correctly.
  • Use an elastic band to attach the oval-hole button to milk jug handles, juice handles, and other perishable bottles. Add expiration date information to ensure you never drink bad milk.
  • Use an elastic band to attach oval hole buttons to bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or mouthwash before heading into the shower – especially if you’re at a hotel where bottle shape is all the same. Add information about the contents of each bottle to make sure you never put body wash in your hair.
  • Drop a button into a small bottle. The button can be scanned through a plastic bottle using your phone or tablet, allowing you to add information about the contents of the bottle.
  • Thread the button onto lace-up shoes to identify the color, brand, and model of shoe for easy replacement and accurate matching. Verify you have a matching pair of shoes. Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes for the occasion.

Best Uses for Our Two-Hole Buttons

Our two-hole buttons can easily be sewed onto anything – even if you have limited sewing skills. Simply thread the string through one hole, then attach the two-hole button to a piece of fabric or clothing. Access or edit the information on the button at any time using the WayAround app.

  • Sew onto scarves, hats, or gloves to add color and washing instructions. Make sure your clothing items never get mixed up or have the colors run in the wash.
  • Sew onto clothing items for washing and matching instructions. The buttons are small enough that they can be sewed into discreet parts of the clothing – like the hem or underneath the collar, making it easy to access washing or color information at any point.
  • Sew onto sheets, blankets, and quilts to keep sets of bedding together. Add size and washing instructions.
  • Sew onto towels and table linens to identify colors, patterns, and washing instructions.

Buy WayTag Buttons Today and Discreetly Add WayAround to Your Life

WayTag buttons are a crucial part of the WayAround experience. Browse our online store today and add the WayTag oval-hole or two-hole buttons to your life. It’s a guaranteed – and discreet – way to make your world more accessible.

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