WayAround for Public Spaces

WayAround makes your business more accessible with just the tap of a smartphone. Our patented solution is easy to implement and improves the customer experience for everyone, including those with disabilities.

Illustration of museum/art gallery with WayTags below each item.

Useful to everyone.
Essential to those with disabilities.

With today’s fast pace and multitude of choices, we believe that great spaces should serve the widest group of people. Let us show you how WayAround can seamlessly offer valuable information through existing accessibility features in iOS and Android devices.

Customer Comments

What I have found really useful is how much info we included in the WayAround app. We also made braille labels of the artist statements, but there is so much more info available through the app. People seem delighted with the fact that they can scroll through to only listen to the parts they are interested in.
Sarah McCann
WayAround makes information that has never before been available to people who are blind easily accessible. It is an elegant solution, which meets previously unmet needs of many who live with vision loss.
Neva Fairchild
National Independent Living and Employment Specialist, American Foundation for the Blind
This is definitely a game changer, and I would highly recommend it to others.
Fred Quick
WayAround User

So Advanced, It's Simple.

WayAround’s mobile app feels smart and intuitive because it’s built around cutting-edge technology. Under the hood, WayAround’s patented system uses Near Field Communication (NFC), an enterprise-level cloud architecture, and the latest accessibility features in iOS and Android.


Attach our smart WayTags to your products, fixtures, and equipment, and anyone with a smartphone can read them with just a tap. Each tiny WayTag can provide as much information as you like, requires no batteries, and can be edited an unlimited number of times. 3D and 2D WayTags are available to suit any environment.


All your WayTag content is stored securely in the cloud and easily updated remotely through our web app. WayCloud is flexible, scalable and ready to seamlessly integrate data from the platforms you already use.

Universal Design

We believe great design should serve the widest group of people. WayAround presents your content in an attractive, modern format while integrating seamlessly with existing accessibility features in your smartphone.

WayAround for Public Spaces is Ideal For…

Illustration of museum


  • Enhance any permanent or special exhibit with accessible, multisensory information.
  • With a tap of their smart device, guests can discover more about an exhibit or piece.
  • Provide instant information across your entire location, including gift shops, restaurants, ticketing, and more for both blind and sighted guests.

It was very nice to listen to the description and the artist statement before approaching an exhibit. I found that reading through exhibit information before touching it was very satisfying for me.
Marguerite Woods
Artist and President, At-Large Chapter of the NFB of Maryland

Illustration of school


WayAround for Public Spaces is ideal for schools for the blind, guide dog schools, and any K12 schools, colleges, or universities that want to increase accessibility options, even above ADA standards.

  • Make it easier for all students to navigate your school with a tap of their smart device.
  • Identify textbooks, homework assignments, calendars, and more with an easy to update interface.
  • Augment ADA signage and other visual information around your campus.

Illustration of facility


WayAround for Public Spaces can enhance any facility – from a manufacturing center that employs individuals with blindness to government buildings, public parks, auditoriums, and more.

  • Make your facility more accessible for all visitors and employees.
  • Improve communication by making updates remotely, available in real-time.
  • Link to videos, websites, and other digital content for training, marketing, and more.

Invest in Accessibility for As Little As $139.99 Per Month.

WayAround for Public Spaces is now available at an introductory rate, starting at just $139.99 per month.
This is a limited-time, introductory rate. Our introductory package includes:
  • Unlimited WayTag scans.
  • Complete administrator access to WayCloud platform (coming soon!).
  • Upfront training from our expert staff.
  • 90 day check-up session.
  • And more!
WayTags are sold separately. WayTags cost about $1.00 each, require no batteries, and can be edited an unlimited number of times. Select any WayTag from our store, or contact us about designing a custom WayTag, including 3D tags.

Our Experts Teach You Everything.

We want to help you make the most out of WayAround for Public Spaces. Our experts can provide up front training to:
  • Recommend which types of WayTags to use based on the area you want to make more accessible.
  • Set up administrator account from start to finish.
  • Provide a complete tutorial on WayAround, WayTags, and the WayCloud.

More Customer Comments

I’m excited about it being digital and its capacity to store so much information.
Benjamin Vercellone
WayAround User
I just love it and think it is so much easier than a barcode reader or anything that has to be focused using the camera.
Melissa Wagner
WayAround User

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