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Looking put together and feeling confident about your outfit can be a struggle. Unlike some systems that require you to memorize and associate shapes, which can be hard to remember and harder to utilize, WayAround’s WayTags are easy to use and secure to your clothing. Getting your closet organized has never been easier with WayAround.

One of our most popular uses of our WayTag NFC tags is for organizing clothing. WayAround’s WayTag buttons are perfect for discreetly labeling your shirts, pants, dresses, and more with as much information as you need.

WayAround Mobile App Image with descriptive information about Blue and White Striped Henley Shirt with shirt in background

Reusable and Washable

WayTag NFC buttons can be sewn directly onto your garments or attached via a safety pin, so you never have to worry about labels coming loose and ending up at the bottom of your washing machine. All of our WayTag buttons are IP86 waterproof and heat-resistant, so buttons won’t be damaged by your washer or dryer. Better yet, WayTag NFC buttons can store massive amounts of data safely in the cloud - there’s no limit to how much information you can store.

Donating or throwing out a piece of clothing? Simply remove the WayTag button and attach to a new piece of clothing, then re-write the tag information using the WayAround Tag and Scan app. It’s as simple as that.

What can I store?

Whatever information you may need to store about your clothing, you can store it! Here are some examples of information you can store:

  • Descriptions of the garment: Bright red long sleeve button up shirt, size medium, made by Express, 100% polyester, last washed on 11/02/2021
  • Purchase information: Purchased online at on 09/01/2021
  • Care instructions: Hand wash, cold water only, tumble dry on low. Do not iron
  • Outfit suggestions: Pair with leggings, black or gray

What can I tag? Which tag is best for me?

WayTag NFC buttons can be used to tag just about any article of clothing. Here are some garments and accessories can you can tag and organize with WayAround:

  • Shirts, Pants, & Dresses
  • Socks & Undergarments
  • Hats, Scarves, & Gloves
  • Sheets, Blankets, & Quilts
  • Towels & Table Linens
  • Shoes with Laces or Lace Holes
  • Bows, Headbands, & Headscarves

Our two different styles of WayTag buttons can be used in different ways, including being pinned with a safety pin, or sewn directly onto the garment depending on your preference. Our WayTag buttons can be used for other things besides clothing as well. If you want to know which button is best for you, check out our best uses for WayTag buttons guide.