Attach our smart WayTags to classrooms, doors, windows, equipment, and virtually anything else in your municipal or educational space. Then, anyone with a smartphone can read the WayTag with just a tap. Each tiny WayTag can provide as much information as you like, requires no batteries, and can be edited an unlimited number of times. 3D and 2D WayTags are available to suit your workspace.


All your WayTag content is stored securely in the cloud and easily updated remotely through our web app. WayCloud is flexible, scalable and ready to seamlessly integrate data from the platforms you already use. Update WayTag info remotely to keep your municipal or educational info up-to-the-minute relevant.

Universal Design

We believe great design should serve the widest group of people. WayAround presents crucial information in an attractive, modern format while integrating seamlessly with existing accessibility features in iOS and Android smartphones.