How do I get information into WayAround about something I can’t see?

Explore these ideas for getting information onto your WayTags.

Sometimes asking a sighted person is the easiest way to get all the information about something. If you're tired of asking someone else what something is every single time, then make this the last time you have to ask.

Pick an area to get started. Chances are the people you ask anyway will be happy to help. You can even do a virtual labeling session over FaceTime, What's App, or any other video conferencing system.

Once something is labeled, it becomes accessible forever. So you'll never have to ask "What's this?" again.

Aira’s trained agents provide visual descriptions of any item or location. Anyone can call in through the Aira mobile app and connect to an agent. Your first five minutes are free. Then the Aira agent identifies and describes an object, using the camera on the explorer’s smart device.

Agents will describe ingredients and nutrition labels, articles of clothing, electronics, files, and more. Even better, agents can email the description to you. Then, it’s easy to add the description to a WayTag. Once you save the information to a WayTag, you can access it anytime through the WayAround app with just the tap of your smartphone.

Use copy and paste to efficiently get information and URLs onto your WayTags. You can find information and instructions for many products online. Think cooking directions and medication dosage. Copy and paste to add information from websites or emails to your WayTags. You can even add the URL as a reference for where you found the information.

Keep some WayTags with you when you go shopping or out to eat. You can label your items before you ever leave the store. Ask an associate to help you add a description, purchase date, and any other important details while they are fresh. If you have leftovers or take-out, label each container so you know exactly what's inside.

For small orders, many employees are happy to help. Some big box stores and grocery stores even offer shopping assistance services. That way you could label a big shopping haul while you are still in the store.

There are many really helpful apps for identifying products. Some scan barcodes. Some use artificial intelligence. And some connect you with a sighted person for assistance.

Almost all of them use your phone's camera. Relying on the camera uses a lot of battery. Sometimes it is hard to get the camera to focus.

Even so, many of these apps are tremendously helpful, and you should use them to help identify things. Once you've identified something, tag it with a WayTag. Then you'll know what it is every single time. When compared with anything camera-based, scanning a WayTag is faster. It doesn't drain your battery. And you won't have to fuss with the camera.